Mechanically Assisted Storage System

  • Heavy bays are easier to move using mechanical assistance
  • Available with either handle or wheel operation
  • As the wheel or handle is rotated in either direction, it engages a hardened steel dowel in the specially designed drive mechanism and drives the bay in the direction required
  • Only the wheel or handle on the bay being driven rotates, ensuring the safety of other people near the handles of other bays
  • The base unit runs on four x 120mm diameter steel wheels, each of which is supported by two bearings with a static load capacity of 6,600 Kg each (total 13,200 Kg per wheel)
  • Two wheels are driven from the console via a system of sprockets and bearing housings, ensuring no “crabbing” of the unit during operation. Each base has six guide wheels to stop any lateral travel
  • The friction between the wheels and track is increased as the unit is loaded, ensuring no slippage during travel
  • The simple but effective design of the unit will give long-term, trouble-free operation