Designation Labels

We have a range of Filequest and Datafile designation labels to suit a range of applications.

Year Labels

 Year Labels are most commonly used for file culling and or archiving purposes. Labels are applied as files are closed making their removal simple when they become too old to take up valuable active storage space. Alternatively some applications have a year label applied at the time of client visit, for ease of file removal when the reference passes a specific time frame, depending on the individual file sentencing (archiving) regulations or guidelines.

Month Labels

Month Labels are employed similar to year labels. Use when a required month is required for archiving, or revisiting a file for accounting, sales or contact purposes. The additional finite detail means files are looked at in a prompt manner. Further the additional information means the material is removed on time to allow greater storage capacity in systems where space is paramount. Month labels are also use as a ready identifier for stock removal, impending use by, or rotation needs.

Coloured Labels

Plain coloured Designation labels are used as identifiers and add additional meaning to the systems users. A simple solid block colour label to denote a specific user, client type or reference in you system.

Specialty labels are available in a variety of formats and applications. From our Allergy, Patient with Same Name and Star patient label for medical use, Billing, reminder labels and veterinary labels.