Alphabetical Colour coding or ‘Alpha” colour coding is simple to maintain a system that requires no cross-referencing, ideally suited to customer centric registries where files are identified with client names.

Filing of common names is accomplished by colour coding the first three letters of the last name. In bigger filing registries, the additional colour coding of the given name initial assists to further break up large groupings with the same identifier. This process speeds up the identification process as colour bands lead you to the region of your filing system you need to be in. We offer Alphabetical labels in dispensing kits proportioned in common surname language with supplementary supplies to maintain the kit.

Our Alpha labels are available for end tab (sometimes referred to as side tab to suit lateral shelf files) and top tab (dual tab) applications. Top tap labels and end tab labels are available in individual packets or in kits, while the end tab labels are available in rolls for bulk applications. We also have a smaller half size alpha label in the end tab (side Tab) configuration.

Our Alpha Labels are available in half and full size configurations, in 2 separate colour maps, in handy compact kits, and packets or in highly efficient rolls.

All pricing includes GST.