NetDocuments is the leading cloud-based Document Management software in the world. Taking advantage of “the cloud” this innovative solution, delivers the software as a service – SaaS. Designed for the small to medium enterprise NetDcuments has proved very successful in theUSAwith its collaborative functionality and low cost of ownership.

NetDocuments allows you the freedom to access and work on your documents anywhere.Simply logon to the Internet and login to all your documents.Create, edit, share and collaborate with others.Easily organise your work into folders based on clients or projects.Search the content of your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF’s, and emails.Completely integrated out of the box with Microsoft Office.Have the peace of mind of knowing your work is backed up and secured in world-class data centres monitored for total security and accessibility.Access control right down to the document level.

“Join 75,000 users, 400+ customers in over 125 countries housing over 50+ million documents.”

If you want to take control of your business and have the peace of mind that comes with increased productivity and efficiency, TAKE ACTION NOW – contact us for a free demonstration.

A truly enterprise-wide Information Management solution.
Benefits include:

  • Seamless capture
  • Easy control and management of all information
  • Fast access to the information you need
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Effective sharing
  • Meeting regulatory compliance
  • Intuitive and easy to use

What is Net Documents?

NetDocuments allows you the freedom to access and work on your documents anywhere. Get to the Internet and login to all your documents. Create, edit, share and collaborate with others. Organize into logical views of folders or categories based on clients, matters or projects. Search the content of your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF’s, and emails. Have the peace of mind knowing your work is backed up and secured in world-class data centres.

Small to large businesses, law firms, financial service firms, health care and real estate organizations can save tens of thousands of dollars by eliminating the hardware, system and client software, and ongoing administration of on-premise systems. It’s easy to get started. Subscription pricing starts at $20 per user per month with a base level of storage included. Give it a try now with a 30 day trial account.

Why Net Documents?

  • Are you spending minutes rather than seconds looking for relevant corporate documents on your computer?
  • Are you trying to remember where you saved that important email or file?
  • Do you keep putting clients on hold while you search for the folder that you need?
  • Would you like your staff to be able to share and edit documents easily and efficiently?
  • Are you always worrying about losing your data by forgetting to constantly back up?
  • Would you like to run your business more efficiently?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions we have the solution for you!

Review our top ten reasons why thousands of customers are benefiting with NetDocuments as a cloud computing application, delivered as a service, and available anytime, anywhere, without the hassles of servers and an on-premise document management system. Simply turn NetDocuments on to enjoy on demand document services.

CONCENTRATE MORE ON YOUR BUSINESS – Technology people who deploy a SaaS app quickly learn that they spend more time listening and responding to user needs, addressing strategic initiatives of the company, and less on technology and keeping it up and running. Eliminating servers removes the hassle of ongoing maintenance, updates, hiring of extra people, and those hidden, unknown costs when on-premise software or hardware aren’t working properly.

PEACE OF MIND KNOWING YOUR DOCUMENTS ARE PROTECTED – NetDocuments comes with business continuity built-in, with your information secured in two, fully-redundant, world-class data centers built with the expertise and experience of data center management and transparency. With 99.99% service-level performance, your organization’s documents are always available, protected, and backed up without additional costs. For even further peace of mind, optionally deploy the ND Local Document Service to maintain another backup at your premises.

A SINGLE REPOSITORY FOR ALL CONTENT – One repository and one view to all content—from creation of documents to archive and compliance Guidelines for retention and purging. Create documents, edit, version manage, collaborate and share, archive and purge. With built-in records retention policies, documents are simply transformed into an unalterable record in the same repository and cabinet.

SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE AND LOWER TCO – No capital investment requirements at the start with features and support all-inclusive. Spread costs over time and pay what you use. Overall total costs of ownership (TCO) have been proven to be less than traditional on-premise software.

UPGRADES AND ENHANCEMENT RELEASES ARE AUTOMATIC AND INCLUDED – No longer wait for annual updates to software, pay upgrade fees and deal with updating software across workstations. Automatic updates save time and money, and bring a high level of satisfaction to users.

GO BEYOND EMAIL TO SECURELY SHARE WITH CLIENTS – Client collaboration or extranets are built-in. No more sharing confidential documents via email. Use email to notify, not to distribute versions and versions of attachments. Instead, control permissions, track activity and involve your clients and others in a collaborative, frequently accessible and branded interface. NetDocuments does the rest with a hosted, password managed, high performance and secured service.

MORE POWER TO YOUR SEARCH – NDSearch, an enterprise-class search platform available for all NetDocuments customers, helps find what you need fast when that client is on the line as well as search the content of documents across your entire repository. Get automatic exposure to unknown content that match your interests such as topics, company names, people, locations, etc. View a snippet of each document; find similar documents, and search emails and attachments.

ACCESS ANYWHERE, ANYTIME – The browser is your interface with NetDocuments, removing the technical barriers of learning a new way. With minimal training you’re off and running. Access your documents 24×7, at work, at home, and on the road. And simply drag and drop emails from MS Outlook to NetDocuments.

INSTANT DEPLOYMENT – Compare the months to years that it takes to deploy a competitive, on-premise DMS to the days or weeks to migrate documents, train and deploy NetDocuments. Just turn it on and you’re off managing and sharing documents.

BROAD RANGE OF USES – NetDocuments can work for any company, from the largest corporation to the smallest business. It offers a number of uses, from sophisticated content management, multi-party collaboration, and email management. to being simply used as a virtual storage for small business. It is very customisable and can integrate with legacy apps, SharePoint, Salesforce, and other development platforms.


Key User Features

Includes all basic DMS features – Globally accessible from any Internet-connected device including smart phones. Check in-out concurrency control, version control, customisable profiling, history, permissions, full-text and profile searching, navigational folders, recently opened/edit/added lists, etc.

Client/Matter/Project-Centric Workspaces – Template-based and very scalable. Set automatic document type foldering and transparent profiling organization. Drag and drop support, external sharing capability, mashups supported, and dynamic discovery search analysis.

Collaboration – Email notifications, email in/out, threaded discussions, calendaring, global sharing, password management, activity tracking, branding, external user administration and setup. Multiple sharing choices via NetBinders, Workspaces or Cabinets for small, simple collaboration to large document repository extranets.

Email Management – An add-on service displaying folders and workspaces within MS Outlook for filing and archiving. Single instance storage, move/copy from Outlook, email search and Workspace views within Outlook. Outlook Save and Insert buttons also available and email to folders supported. Email from NetDocuments is MAPI-compliant supporting MS Outlook, Lotus Notes or Novell GroupWise.

Personal home page – Create your own sections and shortcuts, including web links to your favorite documents, folders, web sites for quick access.

Mobile access – Access, view, search, and email your documents from any PDA or smart phone.

Administrative Features

Active Directory Authentication – When users are authenticated via a Local LAN-based Active Directory service, they can set a flag for an Automated User Login process.

MS Office Integrations – Application integration to create new documents from within NetDocuments is supported. Optionally, File New, Open and Save menu integrations within MS Office and WordPerfect are available. Leading third-party document automation packages support NetDocuments.

Access Control Rights – Security rights can be set at the cabinet, folder, profile or document levels. Security templates are supported.

Profiles – Customized profiles can be created for author, client, matter, doc type, practice area, and any others requested. Attribute fields can be text, date or notes fields. Fields can be required, have validation lookup tables, related and security, matter closing and records retention policies can be based on a profile field. Profile templates per user are supported.

Workspaces – Multiple Workspace templates, such as practice areas, can be set up with a predefined set of folders or categories created. Document type can automate the creation and population of folders, and pre-populated My Matters list can be uploaded for users.

External users can access workspaces with special features associated.

Web Services – SOAP-based API’s are freely available for developing integrations and connecting to other legacy applications. Learn more about NDConnect at

Reporting – User and document activity logging is available as an add-on service. Login activity report is also available. Folder and document histories can be viewed and printed.

Records Retention Policies – Included with NetDocuments Professional. Profiling is required to create and execute policies on matter closings, document type retentions or any other profile values.

NDSearch Analysis Make better, faster decisions with NDSearch, an enterprise-class search platform embedded in NetDocuments and available to all users. Improve productivity and discover information with more intelligence and more power than you’ve ever had before. Take advantage of this fully-featured search experience that will grow and evolve with your business.

NDSearch Analysis increases awareness of content by guiding a user to additional content choices that match his/her interests. This automatic exposure to unknown content increases awareness to existing knowledge, discovery and improved satisfaction with the searching experience. For example, a search resulting in 50 hits will also present a navigational list highlighting the number of documents that reference specific organizations, people, locations, dates, email addresses, and the customer’s own customized profile values (i.e.,doc type, clients) that exist within the scope of documents gathered.

It will also suggest topics based on an underlying algorithm, as well as offer the ability to find similar documents to any information discovered most relevant to the user’s interest.

The power of NDSearch

Analysis is uniquely highlighted on a NetDocuments Workspace page as it automatically extracts and displays relevant topics contained within the workspace. If workspaces are defined by customer/client, the user simply goes to the workspace and can instantly analyze the content to locate names, dates, email addresses, etc., for the respective client.

If you want to take control of your business and have the peace of mind that comes with increased productivity and efficiency, contact us for a free demonstration.

Digital Records Management Service

Ensure defensible disposition of your information – NetDocuments Digital Records Management Service (DRMS) is an add-on service to automate the enforcement of business rules to systematically capture, non-repudiate, maintain, and dispose of electronic evidence, including documents, emails, images, and computer files. A record is an evidence of a legal transaction or business intent.

Locked Versions – During a document’s work-in-process phase it can be subject to certain actions, making that version an official record, such as locking a document after it has been faxed or emailed, sent via courier or filed in court.

Archived Records – When documents are archived, they cease to be active docs but remain as records. Archiving is the process of ensuring that confidential content of docs and profiles are permanently frozen, including each of its versions.

Purging – NetDocuments provides multiple rules-based Record Retention Policies for determining when a record should be purged according to any combination of the following criterion:

  • Based on matter-type, client, engagement, area of law or project type.
  • Based upon a matter/year/project closing date.
  • Based upon jurisdiction. This is a document level profile filed, usually associated with “office”.
  • Based upon document type.
  • Based upon any profile information.

Business Continuity & Security

Know that your information is protected

Business continuity has been one of the most critical issues in the minds of professionals who consider document services as a mission critical application. To ensure business continuity, NetDocuments stores documents redundantly in multiple places.

The NetDocuments global datacentres were designed to achieve a high level of scalability and high-availability, supporting millions of users on a 7x24x365 basis.

Documents are stored simultaneously in both datacentres through continuous data replication via high speed VPN. The D/R facility is always ready to take full operational control in the most extreme situations. There are over 650 full-time staff providing datacentre and telecommunications management and control of the entire complex. System management services are provided 365 days a year, 24 hours a day by a staff of skilled operations engineers. Additional specialists are available, on site or on call, to provide the very best system support.

The datacentre hardware, software and electrical/mechanical systems are engineered with multiple levels of redundancy to provide uninterrupted service in the event a single component fails. The systems are tested and maintained routinely to ensure they perform properly in case of an emergency. All critical data is copied and stored off-site, and emergency business-resumption plans are tested multiple times per year.

Customers can optionally install the NetDocuments Local Document Service software located physically at the customer’s premises, containing 100% of the entire organization’s documents, mirroring the contents of the global datacentres.

NetDocuments architecture and technology ensures an unprecedented massive scalability and high performance for users in a distributed Software-as-a-Service world.