Name Labels

Name labels are an essential element in alphabetical colour code labelling systems, and the information is commonly drawn from a database. There are a number of options in transferring the information to the label; using a Microsoft label printing facility; Avery® DesignPro®; LabelsAnywhereTM; typing or hand writing. 

Single Strip Labels

Computer generated labels utilising a colour labelling software platform or a web based label system are a viable alternative to individual label application. The suitability of the single strip colour coding offering from File-IT for your application is easily determined via an assessment of your requirements and your resources.

A single strip of label replaces the individual sticky labels. Designs can accommodate an array of information, alpha and or numeric colour bands in any colour map, text, ANSI Grade 1 Barcode indicators. Our single strip label software delivers uniform colour band spacing providing a neater cleaner finish. Data can come directly from any database, including Records Management Systems, ensuring the colour coding is an accurate match to the file identifiers. Custom factory printed single strip labels can also be ordered by contacting us. To order these custom labels, please call us on 1800 002 441.

The recent introduction of the web based colour code label printing system to our product offering will change the way file folder stock is managed. No longer will it be necessary to print large quantities of terminal digit numbered folders and be at the mercy of under and over supplies.

The end tab label delivered by these web based, desktop or enterprise wide applications can include all the identification required on any record. Populating the data in the application is via a simple import procedure, colour code label printing can be from almost any colour printer and with the web based system, can be effected from any computer connected to the internet. File-IT provides local support for this simple to use, cost efficient colour coding solution.