FA-006-00 : File-It 3-piece fastener without adhesive base


File-It 3-piece fastener Without adhesive base (100)

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100 x White Non Adhesive based 3 piece tubeclip (often referred to as a uniclip or Mediclip™), with Blue compressor bar and U-piece. This style of clip is designed to act as a retention mechanism in Gusseted folders and when used properly will function similar to a lever arch mechanism.

This 3 piece clip allows the pages in a file to work like pages in a book or lever arch file and you can insert pages into the middle of a file to maintain media order.

  • Consists of 3 unique parts which serve to act in the same way as a lever Arch folder for perfect mid folio retrieval.
  • Holds in excess of a ream of paper, far more than the expansion of most file folders.
  • Bind your files simply and effectively.
  • Ensures pages of your file are effectively secured.
  • Unlike Lever-Arch folders, the tubeclip expands with your file, so your file only takes up as much space as is necessary.
  • Binding Tube, plastic Compressor and U-piece afford lightweight archivable solutions that are easy on the hands..