Our Flipper Door Cabinets save up to 60% of the space used by conventional file drawers.

They afford a highly space efficient storage cabinet, with a minimalist footprint on your floor, while providing maximum storage capacity.


  • One six level flipper door cabinet is the equivalent to between 2.5 and 3 file drawers ( standard four drawer size )
  • Extra large cabinets allow the use of A/4 arch lever in addition to the lateral files
  • Shelves are slotted to accept metal file dividers
  • Secure single point locking system as standard, individually keyed levels optional
  • Cabinet tops are strong enough to form part of workspace
  • Single point key security
  • Gang lock activated by single point key secures each level
  • Doors open individually and recess into cabinet above each level
  • Standard size cabinet is ideal for lateral colour coded files.
  • Adjustable file supports keep media upright
  • Colour coding means faster and more accurate filing

Standard Flipper Door Cabinet colours are Silver Grey, Rivergum Beige, London Fog, Graphite Sarouk and White Satin,  or your colour choice from the extensive range of decorator colours from the Dulux powder coat colour range (not all colours available, and colours outside our standard colour chart will attract a paint surcharge). Each door on our Flipper Door Cabinet recedes into the cabinet when open, swinging up and inside each level. By housing the open door inside the cabinet perimeter, access to files is quicker and the cabinet does not intrude into office space eliminating OH&S concerns.

Special locking mechanisms mean that individual compartments can be locked whilst others remain open.