Name Labels

Name labels are an essential element in alphabetical colour code labelling systems, and the information is commonly drawn from a database. There are a number of options in transferring the information to the label; using a Microsoft label printing facility; Avery DesignPro; LabelsAnywhere™; typing or hand writing.

Address Labels

While some of our name labels are indented where they fold around the file end tab, others aren’t which mean they double as address labels. Our most common use Label is the Avery L7163 or a generic equivalent, while we offer a range of other sizes, colours and options.

14 Per page White Sheet Label - Avery L7163
14 Per page White Sheet Label - Avery L7163

Shipping and Specialty Labels

These labels come in white, colour and a vast array of styles to suit your individual and packaging needs.

Have a specific size requirement or use in mind? We can probably find a label design to suit your individual purpose.

A range of generic, Avery and Custom solutions is available for your benefit.




White sheet labels can be sourced in an extensive range of templates to suit individual needs.

Contact a sales representative for more information on how we can find a template to suit you.


“Trim” (HP records Manager) Labels

We carry 2 standard label templates that are popular with Trim Records Management software users. We can also generate custom label template to suit an individual organisations needs.

White Shipping Label
White Trim Label