Wrap-A-Round Style Filing Rack

The Wrap-a-Round style file rack is designed to “lock” in to the front edge of your shelf.

Files are held in check by sturdy Australian made frames.

This style of rack is not suitable for bottom shelves on certain styles of cabinet.

Box Style File Rack

The Box Style File Rack (sit on shelf) is simply placed on to the cabinet shelf in the required position.

Because of its simplistic design it is able to be adjusted to suit a variety of applications.

The Box Style rack comes in standard Lengths of 900mm and 1200mm and is trimmable to smaller lengths on request.

Our Polycarbonate slotted divider is designed to suit our Australian Made Tambour door cabinets and some shelving systems.

Light weight, space efficient, and insertable/movable to exactly where you need it.


Wrap-A-Round Style Filing Rack

Slotted metal file divider for use in Flipper doors, Australian made tambour door cabinets, some credenzas and rolling storage units.

Moveable to the exact position you need eliminating wasted space in most systems.

Box Style File Rack